This guide teaches you how to set up your wallet for the Axelar network token (AXL). You can use this wallet and the addresses it generates to send/receive AXL, store AXL and stake AXL with a validator. The tutorial includes instructions for:

  • How to set up your Keplr Wallet.

  • How to access the Axelar network through your Keplr Wallet and use it as an AXL wallet.

Keplr is a leading wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem. Set-up is similar for other Axelar-supporting wallets such as Cosmostation and Ledger. Specific instructions are also available for Cosmostation and will soon be available for Ledger.

How to Set Up Your Keplr Wallet

1. Search Keplr on the Google Chrome Store

(or just click through that handy link).

Screen grab: Install Keplr wallet extension to set up Axelar network wallet.

Note: As of the time of writing, Keplr is only officially supported on the Google Chrome browser. For security reasons, we recommend against unofficial extensions.

2. Click “Add to Chrome.”

Screen grab: Add Keplr to Chrome to set up Axelar wallet.

3. Click “Add Extension,” when pop-up prompts.

Screen grab: Add Keplr Chrome extension (pop-up) to set up Axelar wallet.

You’ve now added Keplr to your Google Chrome browser!

If you’re having trouble finding the extension, click the puzzle piece in the top-right corner. From there, you can navigate to the Keplr extension, or click the pushpin to pin the extension to the browser for easy access.

Screen grab: Using Keplr in Chrome to set up Axelar Wallet.

4. To create your Keplr account, click the extension icon and choose “Create New Account.”

Screen grab: Create a Keplr account to set up Axelar wallet.

5. Create your account name, and write down your mnemonic seed phrase in a safe place.

❗This is CRUCIAL to recovering your account if you lose/forget/need to reset your password. Do not share your mnemonic seed phrase with anybody.

(The one used in the screenshots is a throwaway.) If you think your seed phrase has been compromised, move your funds to a secure wallet.

6. Repeat the seed phrase in order, as prompted, and enter the password of your choosing.

Access the Axelar network

Now that you’ve created your account, it’s time to access the Axelar network, so you can have a fully functioning AXL wallet!

1. Click the Keplr icon to open up the wallet, and click the downwards arrow to change networks.

Screen grab: Select network on Keplr to set up Axelar wallet.

2. From there, scroll down and select Axelar.

Screen grab: Selecting Axelar network on Keplr to set up Axelar wallet (AXL).

Now you’re set to send, receive and stake Axelar (AXL) from your Keplr wallet!

Note: your Axelar address will be the one that begins with “axelar1,” this address is public, which means that it can be shared with others safely. If you wish for somebody to send you AXL tokens, you must let them know this address so that you can receive them.


Keplr is a leading IBC-enabled wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem. To learn more about how wallets and addresses are created within Cosmos, check out the Cosmos documentation here.