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Axelar is the universal overlay network, securely connecting all blockchain ecosystems, applications, assets and users to deliver Web3 interoperability. The security risks in interoperability are real. Decentralization is key to providing secure blockchain infrastructure. The AXL token is what makes that decentralization possible.

The Axelar Foundation has published a post with full details of the token economics for AXL, the native token of the Axelar network.

At a high level, AXL is designed to help Axelar network achieve four outcomes as a universal connector of blockchain ecosystems. 1. Security: providing incentives to encourage a wide set of validators to participate. 2. Decentralization: wide distribution among token holders, delegating to validators and participating in network governance decisions. 3. Longevity: incentives that encourage maintenance of the network. 4. Ecosystem growth: incentives for developers to use Axelar SDKs and APIs to build cross-chain capabilities into their applications.

We’ve put careful thought into the design of the AXL token. The token economics of AXL will support the creation of a fair, sustainable and equitable token economy. That is crucial for Axelar’s utility and growth, both now and in the future. We also picked Anchorage Digital to support AXL with institutional-grade custody.

Click here for a deeper dive into the security and mechanics connected to the AXL token.

Click here to read the full tokenomics post, where you’ll find the following AXL token economics details. - Token supply and distribution. - Token release schedules. - Validator rewards. - Circulating supply. - Total supply and inflation over time.

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