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Sergey Gorbunov

co-founder | engineering

Assist Prof UWaterloo | founding team member at Algorand; design and development of the platform; head of cryptography | PhD MIT | Software-Defined-Networks @UToronto | crypto @IBM | co-author of many crypto protocols & standards.


Georgios Vlachos

co-founder | engineering

Founding team member at Algorand; design and development of the consensus; head of mathematics | Gold Medal at the International Math Olympiad | BSc and MS Eng. MIT.


Christian Gorenflo


Over 10 years of experience in software engineering and systems research | PhD in Computer Science (UWaterloo), focusing on performance optimizations for distributed ledger systems | MSc in Physics (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) | passionate about agile dev and process optimization.


Gus Gutoski


PhD (UWaterloo) in quantum information and cryptography | post-doc at the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics | crypto research at Isara and ConsenSys | co-author of qTESLA, a post-quantum signature scheme, and gnark, a ZK proofs library.


Stelios Daveas


5 years experience in software engineering | BSc in Computer Science | MSc Thesis on blockchain interoperability | Blockchain researcher at Decrypto Lab | Passioned dev.


João Sousa


The lead developer of BFT-SMaRt, a high-performance Byzantine fault-tolerant state machine replication library | PhD from the University of Lisbon | Awarded the William C. Carter PhD Dissertation Award for significant contribution to the field of dependable and secure computing.


Kate Stapleton

Over 5 years of experience in technical community development | Vice President of the Blockchain Education Network | BA University of Concordia | BBA York University.


Sammy Liu


Over 5 years experience in software development with over 3 years experience in both enterprise and public blockchains | BSc from the University of Toronto | Passionate about scalability, interoperability and privacy.


Jackson Virgo


Shipped multiple consumer and commercial blockchain products on Ethereum | BEng. with BFin. from the University of Adelaide | Awarded First Class Honours for research thesis on unlisted equity securitisation and exchange on Ethereum.


Haiyi Zhong


Experience in shipping crypto asset management applications and products on public blockchains | BSC from the University of Waterloo | Developer at Swissborg | Founding team member at


Michael De Luca


B.Eng. (McGill) in Electrical Engineering | Blockchain Tech Lead at Scotiabank | Blockchain Lead at Coinsquare | Previously built cold/hot-wallet solutions, blockchain systems, smart contracts, DeFi and state aggregation/roll-ups.


Jacky Yuan


BASc (UWaterloo) in Computer Engineering | Oracle Blockchain dev at ConsenSys | Self Sovereign Identity at SecureKey | Consulting work in blockchain, DeFi, Oracles for Dfinity, Ampleforth, Zilliqa, Gvos.


Milap Sheth


BMath (UWaterloo) in Computer Science | Software dev at ISARA | Engineering and research experience in secure communication protocols, cryptography and quantum computing.

Nav Pannu

business operations

Over 5 years of experience in finance and accounting | Bcomm from the University of Northern British Columbia | Passionate about finance and blockchain.

Canh Trinh


Five years of enterprise full-stack development, following nearly a decade in traditional investment banking | M.Sc Computer Science from Johns Hopkins  | B.Sc. Joint-Degree Wharton/Engineering (M&T) from University of Pennsylvania |Product-driven engineer with a focus on composability and abstraction, passion for scalable interoperability and intuitive ux/ui.

Wil Collins


Over a decade of full-stack development experience in multiple areas including asset management, healthcare, email security and security research | BSc in Computer Science from Virginia Tech | Passionate about decentralization, interoperability and scalability.

Talal Ashraf


6 years experience in software engineering | Brought multiple startups to scale | BaSC (UofT) Computer Engineering | Backend Engineer at SurfEasy VPN acquired by NortonLifeLock | DevOps Lead at Pixlee | Staff Engineer at Flywheel Software.


Eli Laipson


10+ years of experience in marketing and business development at early and growth stage technology companies | BA Northeastern University.