❗ This is a desktop/web tutorial. ❗

Once you have the native AXL token on the Axelar blockchain, you can start staking Axelar, i.e., using your wallet to lock AXL in a contract that supports the security and operations of the Axelar blockchain network. In return, you will earn a reward.

This tutorial shows how to stake AXL token using the Keplr wallet. The process will be similar for other wallets that support Axelar network, including Cosmostation. Remember that if you are using a Ledger device in conjunction with your Keplr wallet, you will need to make sure the Ledger device is connected and the appropriate app (Cosmos or Axelar) is open, in order to complete your staking transaction. Click here to learn how to set up AXL on Ledger.

Looking for other tutorials related to the AXL token? Go to our complete resource page for AXL token holders.


  • [ ] you must have the native Axelar token on the Axelar blockchain. If you have ERC-20 Axelar and want to convert it to the native Axelar token, follow this guide.

Animated screen grab: opening the Keplr wallet app.

2. Choose the Validator and click [Manage]. Then hit [Delegate].

💡 For tips on which criteria to consider when choosing the validator, refer to this guide. 💡
Animated screen grab: selecting a validator on Axelar network using Keplr wallet.

3. Enter the amount and click [Delegate].

Animated screen grab: selecting the amount to stake on Axelar network using Keplr wallet.
💡 If you want to use your staked AXL for something else, then you have to first undelegate it. This process will take seven days to complete, and will affect your rewards. In addition, undelegating AXL will incur a gas fee. 5 AXL should be enough to cover this fee, but this number may change under certain market conditions. 💡

4. Keplr will generate a transaction window.

Click the [Approve] button and you are done.

Animated screen grab: finalizing a transaction to delegate AXL and stake on Axelar network.
💡 By the end of this step, you should have 5 AXL staked in your Keplr wallet account. 💡

5. Staking is done.

You can now check your total staked AXL. Click Manage to undelegate or redelegate AXL.

Animated screen grab: checking delegated AXL staked via Keplr wallet.