How to Import ERC20 Wrapped AXL tokens to MetaMask Wallet

The AXL token trades on some exchanges as an ERC-20-compatible, wrapped token, usually represented by the ticker, wAXL. In order to see your wAXL in your MetaMask wallet, the token must first be added to your wallet. Here’s how to do it.

‼️ This is a desktop/web tutorial ‼️


Axelar has issued ERC-20 versions of the AXL token to EVM chains, e.g. Ethereum, Avalanche. After you obtain these tokens by providing an EVM chain address where the tokens can be sent, you can view your AXL tokens within your MetaMask Wallet.

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that supports all EVM chains. This tutorial assumes you are already familiar with MetaMask, and have a MetaMask wallet set up, with a mnemonic seed phrase securely stored. If you already have MetaMask installed in your browser, skip ahead to Step 5.

Install MetaMask (if needed)

1. Visit to get the MetaMask browser extension.

2. Under, "No, I already have a Secret Recovery Phrase," click [Import wallet].

3. Enter the mnemonic seed phrase (24-word phrases are the most secure). 

4. Create a password to unlock your MetaMask account associated with the mnemonic, accept the terms of use and click [Import].

5. Unlock your MetaMask account in the browser

If you already have a MetaMask account and the MetaMask browser extension is installed, open the extension, and input your password to unlock it.

6. Select the EVM chain you wish to use.

By default, MetaMask is connected to the Ethereum chain. If needed, switch over to the desired EVM network where your AXL tokens are stored. This is done in the [Networks] drop down in the top right corner.

If this is your first time using MetaMask with the desired network, the network name won't be listed in the drop-down menu. Add the Network first. You can find the info for filling out the required fields by using Google to search “Add [INSERT EVM CHAIN] to MetaMask.” (For example, this instruction post is among the top results when searching "Add Polygon to MetaMask."  As an example, we show how to add the Avalanche chain.

After adding a network, ensure you have switched to the correct network at the top right. In the Assets tab, look for the AXL token. If you see it, that means it's already added, and you can see your ERC-20 Wrapped AXL token balance. If it is not there, you can add the token in the next step.

7. At the bottom of the Asset list, click [import tokens].

8. Switch to the Custom Token tab, and input the wAXL token contract address. 

To find the wAXL token contract address, visit the Axelar docs site: .

On the Axelar docs site, select the EVM chain where you received the wAXL token, and select AXL token in the drop down, to find the token address. 

Copy the contract address value and put it in MetaMask. This will autofill the remaining fields.

If you’d like, you can edit the Token Symbol to be wAXL from AXL. This could help avoid confusion later on, and accurately represent the tokens as ERC-20 Wrapped AXL tokens. Click Add Custom Token, and confirm.

The token is now added, and you can view your AXL balance on the EVM chain!