The Axelar Foundation is thrilled to announce the launch of the Axelarator Program! To reward the most active community members in the Axelar ecosystem, we will be giving away over 6,000 AXL a month by holding weekly quests on Galxe! Get rewarded while discovering new ecosystem projects in Axelar network! 


The Axelarator Program will be using Galxe, which will raffle off 500 AXL a week in on-chain and educational quests to help educate the community about exciting new integrations and features across Axelar network. With support from Axelar network’s growing ecosystem of integrated projects, the Axelarator Program will bring you an additional 3,000 AXL a month for on-chain quests to unlock exclusive partner perks like whitelist spots for NFT mints and early access to new dApps. 

More prizes:

Want to level up on the rewards? The Axelarator Program has got you covered! Every month, the top 10 Axelarators on Axelar’s Galxe leaderboard will receive exclusive perks and rewards. How do you get to the top of the leaderboard? Simple: every on-chain and educational quest you complete gets you points. There’s also a referral program: the more people you refer to qualifying quests who complete them, the more points get added to your score! Every month the leaderboard resets so everyone has a chance to start fresh. 

Rewards for the top 10 Axelarators will be announced monthly in the Axelar Discord server in the #axelarator-announcements channel, so stay tuned for what’s up for grabs each month! Be sure to join Axelar’s Discord, linked below, and grab the ‘Axelarator’ role to unlock access to the channel. Some of the monthly rewards include:

  • 1,000 AXL monthly prizes

  • Swag

  • Partner whitelist access

  • Exclusive partner perks

  • Event passes 

Ready, Set, Go!

To get started first create your Galxe profile (if you haven’t already), here:

Then head to Axelar’s Galxe page for the latest quest here, and be sure to check back in weekly:

Lastly, be sure to join Axelar’s Discord, grab the ‘Axelarator’ role, head to the Axelarators-tavern to post any of your questions and check the #axelarator-announcements for upcoming quests and rewards!

Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: All terms and conditions listed above are subject to change by Axelar Foundation at any time without notice.