oscafest lagos nigeria hackathon poster

Axelar was thrilled to take part in OSCAFEST 2023 by Open-Source Community Africa, the biggest Open-Source Festival in Africa. The hackathon took place from June 15 - 17 in person in Lagos, Nigeria. The OSCAFEST Open-Source Festival promoted sustainability for growth and was to date the highest attended open-source event in Africa, with thousands of developers and tech enthusiasts there to network, learn and grow over three days.

Axelar Developer Advocate Idris Olubisi was on-site for OSCAFEST and gave two talks during the hackathon: "Demystifying Web3: A Guide to Blockchain Interoperability," as well as a hands-on Axelar workshop. Axelar sponsored a $5,000 bounty for teams building dApps sending cross-chain messages or tokens using Axelar General Message Passing (GMP)

We received some great submissions throughout OSCAFEST! Below are the top two winning projects from the hackathon: 

SUVe | Interchain Vaccine Verification

Flow diagram of the Suve vaccination verification app and how it passes information securely cross-chain.

Prize: $2,500

SUVe is a dApp that allows users on different blockchain ecosystems to verify from a single source of truth. 

SUVe works by implementing two-way General Message Passing to enable communication between Vaccine Enrolment Service on the source blockchain and the Verification service on other blockchains, to verify the authenticity of vaccines.

More broadly, SUVe (Super Verification) is a dApp that helps users validate their vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies can leverage the security, scalability and transparency of SUVe, to ensure only approved vaccines are administered. SUVe allows you to verify your vaccines and protect yourself against counterfeits, by leveraging our secure cross-chain technology.

The power of SUVe lies in its underlying cross-chain architecture powered by Alexar. SUVe uses two-way General Message Passing to verify the authenticity of vaccines across supported blockchains. This architecture can be expanded across other businesses for verification services.

dApp: https://suve.vercel.app 

GitHub repo: https://github.com/iamendy/suve 

Demo: https://youtu.be/VtPkBPngoBo


Screen shot from the DePay payments app with cross-chain communication powered by Axelar.

Prize: $2,500

DePay is a dApp that enables users to transfer aUSDC tokens between different chains. Additionally, it offers the functionality to generate a payment link that can be used to receive payment from different chains. Currently, DePay supports multiple chains including Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and Celo.

dApp: https://interchain.netlify.app/