Using Squid or any bridge built on Axelar, cryptocurrency holders can transfer their assets from any connected chain, to any connected chain. This opens up new possibilities for ways to use their cryptocurrencies, without swapping them for other tokens.

Cross-chain bridges remain an important and useful part of interoperability infrastructure, but there is a caveat: users need to be sure there is enough liquidity for the wrapped asset on the destination chain. To make this easier, the following two links provide information on liquidity pools for bridged assets that have been transferred cross-chain using Axelar.

This page should not be taken as financial advice or as an endorsement of any asset or trading venue. Users should be aware of risks involved in swapping cryptocurrencies, depositing cryptocurrencies in liquidity pools and other activities in decentralized and centralized crypto-finance. Please remember to do your own research.

axlUSDC pools

AXL pools