Axelar is excited to announce the launch of the Axelar Academy: a community driven and curated educational hub! The Axelar Academy was built to act as a knowledge base covering all aspects of the network, and will be where the top submissions from the Quantum Community Program are featured.

The goals of the Axelar Academy are twofold: to build a community run repository of accessible and open resources, allowing anyone to easily gain a complete understanding of the network, as well as to showcase the top submissions from the Quantum Community Program.

By submitting your original work to the Quantum Community Program, you’ll not only have the chance to be featured on the Axelar Academy but also the opportunity to be rewarded as well! You can read the full announcement post here.

Do you have an idea for a post? Is there a video you think would be perfect for the homepage? We would love to see it! All eligible members who wish to participate can send submissions through one simple form, found here.

As Axelar continues to expand, so will the Academy! While the Community Program will run for a limited time, the Axelar Academy will be a permanent hub. From deep dives into Axelar’s cryptography to how the decentralized validator set helps power the network, the resources on the Academy will constantly be updated and expanded.

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