July 11, 2022

Heroes of NFT Adopts Axelar to Build the Cross-Chain Metaverse

Axelar Team

Heroes of NFT, a native Avalanche project, has adopted Axelar as its infrastructure for cross-chain NFT, gameFi and metaverse applications.


Heroes of NFT, a native Avalanche project, has adopted Axelar as its infrastructure for cross-chain NFT, gameFi and metaverse applications.

“For gameFi, NFTs and metaverses, cross-chain is not negotiable. We can’t onboard the next generation of game players and digital collectors by building in walled gardens. Portability is the key value proposition: If we wanted to be stuck in a single ecosystem, we could have just kept playing World of Warcraft,” Heroes of NFT wrote in a blog post announcing of its plan for cross-chain capabilities. “However, taking NFTs cross-chain is challenging. The value of an NFT is in its uniqueness and its origin. That can’t just be wrapped and bridged, like assets in the first generation of cross-chain transactions.”

Heroes of NFT describes how they evaluated other cross-chain providers. The project chose Axelar as the only network built to provide permissionless security cross-chain. “Others, we found, are taking shortcuts with optimistic setups or proof-of-authority validation that amounts to a federated multisig,” they wrote. “As an Avalanche subnet, we believe that permissionless infrastructure is the best security, and the best way to achieve secure interoperability across ecosystems.”

Here’s what Heroes of NFT is building cross-chain using Axelar infrastructure:

  • Users from any Axelar-connected chain will be able to participate in Heroes of NFT games and purchase Heroes of NFT assets, using any token.

  • Heroes of NFT assets including NFTs will be available on C-chain, Ethereum mainnet and 14 other EVM & IBC chains such as Aurora, Polygon, Polkadot & Cosmos.

  • Exposure to Axelar’s deep and growing community of builders, creators across blockchain ecosystems.

  • Heroes of NFT will be the first subnet that has the full support of Axelar.

  • Heroes of NFT: Revenge game is the first idle game that will be directly launched on a subnet and will use Axelar.

To find out more about what Heroes of NFT is building, read their blog post and follow the project on Twitter.

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