The blockchain ecosystem is multi-chain. Avalanche, Cosmos, Ethereum, Polygon and Sui are growing and cater to different developer demographics. Developers today understand how to build on any single chain, and have a suite of tools and learning materials at their disposal. However, navigating the multi-chain ecosystem today is complex, and requires a paradigm shift in how applications are architectured.

Axelar is a decentralized and permissionless cross-chain platform, offering secure cross-chain communication and cutting-edge developer tooling. Combining Axelar with the recently announced Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) by Circle, we plan to unlock seamless Web3 user experiences to make blockchain technology accessible to billions of users.


  • Circle has announced the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol, enabling USDC to flow natively cross-chain - eliminating the need for wrapped versions on supported chains.

  • Axelar adds General Message Passing to Circle's protocol.

  • Together, Axelar and Circle plan to enable composable USDC: developers compose one-click, multichain experiences, incorporating native USDC and function calls to any dApp on any connected chain.

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