Axelar recently wrapped up our bounty track in the second phase of BNB Chain’s six-month online Bootcamp-Hackathon-Incubator program. With over 2,600 hackers in all, and $5,000 in total prizes for the Axelar bounty winners, we were excited to see all of the projects building using Axelar’s General Message Passing to send interchain messages. And together with BNB, we congratulate the hackathon winners.

In addition to Axelar’s bounties, some teams building with Axelar also went on to win Binance’s main track, including:

  • Second place in the Cross-Chain track for the B4B team.

  • Second place in the Infrastructure track for the Hashleap team. 

Axelar's bounties challenged developers to use Axelar network in their projects and build a decentralized application that takes advantage of the ability to interact with contracts across multiple chains using Axelar General Message Passing (GMP).

Slide listing Zero2Hero Hackathon bounty winners, including Axelar hackathon bounties.

Check out the Z2H Axelar bounty winners


“Daovation is a cross-chain crowdfunding DAO, for decentralized charity and project/campaign funding. It supports multiple blockchain networks, enabling people to fund campaigns on the chains that they support, using Axelar. It features decentralized governance as people can vote for things that are to happen in the ecosystem and vote for campaigns to be flagged once a registered DAO member has created a proposal for the campaign to be flagged. Participants receive governance tokens and have voting rights when they verify themselves and join our DAO (using the port3/soQuest campaigns). The project is made ot be interchain so as to ensure accessibility for people to be able to donate regardless of whichever chain they are on. Current crowd funding DAOs are fragmented and limited to one chain, and Daovation aims to revolutionize crowdfunding by offering a cross chain solution and bridging blockchain ecosystems together to empower decentralized project funding.”



'Satellite by Axelar'

“Satellite by Axelar is a token bridge that swaps user tokens from one chain to another using liquidity pools. It uses Axelar contract execution to execute remote contracts on source chain to complete the bridge transfer.”



Note: this BNB Hackathon project is not to be confused with, an Axelar-operated web application for bridging assets between connected chains. We do not control how hackathon teams name their projects.


“B4B is an on-chain marketplace that connects advertisers with Web3 influencers for paid promotions worldwide. B4B implements a dual-token reputation system to incentivize the activity and long-term engagement of influencers. Influencers earn additional rewards and can withdraw them in USDC, based on their reputation on the B4B platform. During the hackathon, cross-chain integration and support for BNB Chain was added via Axelar.”




“DeployerX is the ultimate solution for hassle-free smart contract deployment and management on multiple chains. With a sleek and intuitive user interface, DeployerX makes multi-chain smart contract management a breeze. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it perfect for builders of all skill levels. With DeployerX, you can deploy smart contracts on multiple chains with just a few clicks. The unique feature of this project is that it generates the same address for contracts deployed on different chains. Join the future of decentralized finance with DeployerX.”



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