Axelar is excited to announce a partnership with Metrika to empower Axelar’s community with operational intelligence tools. Metrika specializes in real-time monitoring of the operational health of decentralized networks and applications. Their suite of tools deliver key analytics and alerts around latency, security and reliability allowing network developers and operators to proactively identify problems before they happen. Metrika’s platform provides transparency and visibility into the health and operational status of applications and networks across entire blockchain ecosystems, which will be essential to Axelar’s mission of enabling cross chain interoperability. The dashboards monitoring the network’s health will be publicly accessible so that any validator or network participant can view them.

“We’re happy to partner with Metrika to bring industry leading tools to the network,” said Georgios Vlachos, Co-Founder of Axelar. “This will enable real time and predictive monitoring for Axelar, providing all ecosystem participants with a concise and clear view of the network.”

Axelar joins the top tier list of leading blockchains that Metrika counts as customers including: Solana, Hedera Hashgraph, Algorand, Flow (Dapper Labs), and others.

“With the pace of Axelar’s growth and the continued push towards mass scale interoperability, Metrika looks forward to working with Sergey, Georgios and the wider team as they continue on their mission in facilitating a blockchain-based future. In doing so, we look forward to all Axelar users using our operational intelligence tools for greater transactional transparency,” said Nikos Andrikogiannopoulos, Founder and CEO of Metrika.

In an interconnected, multi-protocol world, as operational complexity increases, Metrika’s tools will be necessary to any entity running blockchain infrastructure from simple node runners to critical enterprise applications. Both Metrika and Axelar are committed to building the future of cross-chain interoperability, and believe that the combination of the right monitoring tools to support the network will be a game changer for the industry. Follow @Axelarcore and @Metrikaco to see when the public dashboard links will be made available.

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