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Axelar is a universal interoperability platform that connects all blockchains through a decentralized network and an SDK of protocols and APIs. Using the network and SDK, developers can efficiently create new connections and integrate their decentralized applications with all blockchain ecosystems creating greater access to users, assets, liquidity and other applications.

Existing solutions fall into one of two categories: 

  1. A few projects have worked on interoperability within their own ecosystems, however, we need new protocols and techniques to connect external blockchains that are based on different consensus rules and software stacks. 
  2. Due to the growing need for interoperability in the ecosystem, we’ve seen many unproven centralized point-to-point bridging solutions created in the market. 


The Axelar protocol provides a uniform solution to cross-chain communication that’s designed to be interoperable with any chain, satisfy plug-and-play connectivity with almost no work to integrate a new chain, and is decentralized by design. The Axelar Platform includes both cross-chain routing and application-level transfer protocols. 

One gateway allows platform and application builders to access all interconnected chains via the Axelar network. As a result, developers can build on the best platforms for their needs while leveraging global liquidity and composability.

Axelar is unique from other approaches to cross-chain interoperability in that it is:

  • Decentralized and open for participation to anyone
  • Universal in its approach to connectivity, enabling scalability across arbitrary L1, L2, Proof of Work (PoW) or Proof of Stake (PoS) chains
  • Capable of performing cross-ecosystem message routing and translation functionalities
  • Open to any develop who wishes to integrate on top of the network

There are multiple paths for interacting with the Axelar protocol.

For retail users who want to transfer assets from one blockchain to another, Axelar has created an asset transfer app called Satellite, which supports this use case. As independent developers connect new and existing dapps to the network, retail users will benefit from cross-chain asset transfer workflows directly within the apps they already use.

Protocol developers can interact with Axelar by connecting their blockchains to the Axelar network. The process of onboarding new chains to the network is permissionless and can be accomplished by executing just a few commands. You can watch the demo here.

Application developers, as described above will soon be able to interact with the Axelar Network through the Axelar SDK – a collection of protocols and APIs. If an application builder builds on top of blockchain A but wants to include assets or compose with applications from blockchain B, they can integrate the Axelar protocol with their application. By connecting to Axelar, they will be able to issue requests to interact with assets of all supported ecosystems.

  • The Axelar network unlocks liquidity for DeFi. Given universal asset mobility across the ecosystems, DeFi builders can benefit from more liquidity and distribution channels.

  • Developers can build cross-chain bridge applications to allow users to move their assets from one ecosystem to another. Axelar is building a sample application for this use case and we encourage independent developers to create their own.

  • The Axelar Network also allows applications to compose across arbitrary chains.
    • Example 1, if you want to retrieve interest rate information from an application on one blockchain, you can execute a general request through the application-level protocols and retrieve an interest rate from an application on a different blockchain for your application.
    • Example 2, suppose you want to compose two DEXs. Suppose you have a DEX on chain A with assets (X, Y), and a DEX on chain B with assets (Y, Z). If you want to swap X -> Z, you can use the Axelar protocol for general composability.

The Roadmap page on the website is a useful resource to view the high-level roadmap we have planned.

For more detailed development updates, the best way to keep track is by subscribing to our Medium publication. We issue all major development updates through our blog there. By subscribing to the blog you will receive email notifications each time a new post is published.

In January 2022, we are beginning a monthly community call, which will include development updates from the engineering team as well as an opportunity for the community to ask questions. Community calls can be viewed on Axelar’s Youtube channel.

The Axelar Network and its various components have already been audited by NCC, Cure53, and Oak Security. We’ll continue performing the audits of additional components and functionalities, stress-testing, and pen-testing of the network throughout its development. 

Here is a list of useful resources for learning more about Axelar:

The team will continuously support a testnet environment pre and post mainnet launch. We expect to release a new testnet version every 4–8 weeks with more features and properties added. 

The testnet will remain open for several weeks until the next iteration is released, at which point the team may wind down the testnet between releases for maintenance and to prepare for the next version. 

The exact duration will depend on the complexity of the functionality we’re testing, operational support, and other factors.

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