Axelar is the transport layer oninterconnected chains

Axelar is the transport layer for web3 that consists of: A permissionless Proof-of-Stake network; Cross-chain protocols; Gateways on connected chains
Axelar is for developers
Axelar is the transport layer for web3.
It consists of:
  • Permissionless Proof-of-Stake network.
  • Cross-chain protocols.
  • Gateways (often smart contracts) on connected chains.
Cross-chain communication
Axelar already connects more than 10 blockchains.
A complete view of connected chains is available via the following resources:
New EVM and IBC-compatible chains can be connected in a process that takes less than 10 minutes.
Network architecture
Axelar network gateways, installed on each connected chain, are controlled by validators that run Axelar’s cross-chain routing and translation protocols and vote to authenticate transactions.

Add interoperability to your dApp

Now, dApps can communicate across chains using Turing-complete calls and messages on a permissionless Proof-of-Stake transport layer.

Universal Asset Transfer
Send your tokens across-chain via any wallet, CEX.
Universal asset transfer
GetDepositAddress(src chain, dst chain, asset, dst address)
General Message Passing
Send any payload with a single smart contract call.
General message passing
function callContract(
    string memory destinationChain,
    string memory destinationContractAddress,
    bytes memory payload
Get involved in the Axelar community
Axelar network is built on the same system of incentives and security that powered the rise of new Layer 1 application platforms.
Axelar Grant Program
The Axelar developer grant program aims to accelerate the development of a new generation of super apps that compose liquidity, functions, assets and user networks across Web3.
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Axelar Bug Bounty
Axelar is an open-source project delivering secure cross-chain communication to Web3. We pay bounties for developers who discover bugs and report them.
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Axelar provides gas services, transaction monitoring, and transaction recovery. Developers are free to choose other service providers or build these services themselves.
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Additional resources
Axelar network functions like an overlay network. Visibility into all connected networks allows it to support cross-chain communication with universal routing, translation and security.
Block explorers
Monitor transactions and validator activity.
Develop your cross-chain dapp in 2 simple steps.
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Support & discussion for cross-chain builders in the #developers channel.
Axelar’s code is audited regularly by reputable security firms.
White Paper
Learn about the core ethos of the Axelar product and ecosystem.
Axelar powers the cross-chain future.
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