This tutorial covers how to bridge the EVM-compatible (ERC-20) version of AXL (coded wAXL) to other chains, like Fantom.

Note: Some exchanges that list AXL will list the ERC-20 version of the token. Most of these are assigning it the ticker wAXL. Other exchanges are listing the native AXL token, which gets no prefix: the ticker is just AXL. (A limited number of exchanges are using other conventions, due to technical limitations -- including WAXL in some cases and, in others, simply AXL to denote the ERC-20 version of AXL. Please read listing information carefully on each exchange, to understand which version it supports.) Throughout this post we will use wAXL to refer to ERC-20 AXL.

1. Go to

2. Select the source chain that you want to transfer from.

It should be an EVM chain.

3. Select the destination chain that you want to transfer to.

In this example, we are bridging to Fantom.

4. Connect MetaMask

Click the [Connect] button with the MetaMask logo. It will change to read [Autofill]. Click it again to populate the address field.

5. Enter the amount you want to transfer and click [Generate Deposit Address].

6. Confirm transaction details.

Confirm the address you are sending to and click [Confirm]. Click [Send from MetaMask].

7. Confirm and send.

MetaMask will generate a transaction window. Hit [Confirm].

💡 By the end of this step, you will have bridged the ERC-20 AXL from Avalanche to Fantom.💡

8. Verify the transaction.

After a few minutes, your transfer is complete. A confirmation screen will appear. To view additional details about the transaction, click [Visit Axelarscan for more information]. (Here is a link to Axelarscan.)

💡 A transfer fee is deducted directly from the amount being transferred, covering fees on Axelar and all connected chains. 💡