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Axelar Newsletter — Mainnet Rollout Begins Announcement

Axelar Newsletter — Mainnet Rollout Begins Announcement

(Archived email newsletter from January 11th, 2022)


Today, we are proud to announce that Axelar is taking another step forward in our mission to connect Web3.

Over a year of hard work by the team and our partners has gone into developing the network. While we are just getting started, this is a major milestone that we are incredibly excited to share.
Announcement Below 👇

Axelar Begins Rollout of Public Mainnet Launch for February 2022, Bringing Decentralized Interoperability to Ethereum, Avalanche, and Terra

  • Developers will be able to build interoperable apps on Axelar using new APIs and the Axelar SDK
  • Axelar’s first open-source sample application, Satellite, will allow retail users to transfer assets between integrated blockchain networks

11 January 2022 — Axelar, the universal interoperability network connecting all blockchain ecosystems, applications, assets, and users, has announced that its public mainnet will be fully rolled out in February 2022, following a series of scheduled, continuous updates in the coming month. When the rollout phase is complete and the network is launched, Axelar’s interoperability protocol will connect and enable asset transfers between leading blockchain networks including Ethereum, Terra, Moonbeam, Fantom, and Avalanche.

Sergey Gorbunov, CEO and Co-founder of Axelar, commented: “From February, Axelar’s mainnet will universally and securely connect multiple autonomous blockchain ecosystems, providing critical infrastructure for Web3. Developers and their decentralized applications will be able to leverage Axelar to unlock the full potential of multiple ecosystems, scale their applications, and reach wider distribution. Our ultimate goal is to allow builders and users to interact and build on top of any blockchain network satisfying their requirements while ensuring composability and information flow with all other ecosystems and users. This mainnet launch is only the beginning, with continued improvements and developments around the corner for our network.”

From the launch of the Axelar mainnet, developers will be invited to build directly on top of the Axelar protocol through the unique APIs and the Axelar Software Development Kit (SDK), which will become available in February 2022. Axelar will also release a sample application, Satellite, to facilitate the seamless transfer of assets between the Ethereum, Terra and Avalanche ecosystems. Axelar’s Satellite dApp will provide an immediate avenue for cross-chain asset transfers for end-users, while also offering an insight into the kinds of dApps that developers will be able to build.

While in testnet, Axelar announced integrations with Avalanche, Polygon, Moonbeam, Polkadot, Cosmos, Pangolin Exchange, and others. These testnet integrations, along with other specific use cases, will also launch onto Axelar’s mainnet throughout 2022.

Do Kwon, Founder and CEO of Terraform Labs, said: “Axelar has built a highly impressive solution that empowers developers to build on the blockchain networks that directly fit their goals and needs while providing an easy-to-use platform suitable for any programming language. Even now, at the beginning of their journey, it’s patently clear that Axelar’s universal interoperability network will have a significant impact on how blockchain ecosystems communicate and interact. It is technology like this that will ultimately enable blockchain and web3 to reach mainstream adoption.”

Derek Yoo, CEO of Moonbeam, said: “Blockchains are islands by default which has historically forced developers into monochain development patterns. But we are at the beginning of a big shift towards multichain web3 architectures. Axelar’s interoperability network provides developers with standardized infrastructure and tools to build dapps that can span assets and specialized functionality across disparate blockchain domains. Given the excellent team and technology, I expect Axelar to play a significant and foundational role across a wide variety of interoperability scenarios, helping developers scale and extend the reach of their applications.”

This announcement follows a $25m Series A raise in 2021 led by Polychain Capital, and additional strategic funding from investors including Coinbase; Dragonfly Capital; Binance; Galaxy; and SushiSwap’s co-founder 0xMaki, among others. The launch of the Axelar mainnet in February will be accompanied by the issuance of Axelar’s utility token, AXL, by the Axelar Foundation. AXL will be used to power transactions on the Axelar Network.


About Axelar
Axelar is building a decentralized network and tools that connect users, assets, and dApp across multiple blockchain ecosystems. The network empowers developers to build on the best platform for their needs while leveraging the Axelar stack to unlock cross-chain composability and liquidity. Axelar Network consists of a protocol suite, tools, and APIs, designed to break down the barriers to cross-chain communication. Powered by a decentralized open network of validators, anyone can join the network, use it and build on it. The Axelar Network provides a uniform solution to cross-chain communication, allowing dApps to integrate with the full blockchain ecosystem. Developed by the founding team members of Algorand, Axelar’s co-founders are award-winning graduates of MIT, where they received notable recognition as part of their graduate studies.

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Axelar will host a Community Call on Wednesday, January 12th at 11 AM Eastern to review this announcement and provide more context around the Mainnet rollout.

The call will be recorded and include a chat function for questions from the community.


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